Native Plants to Attract Birds - January 2018

Karen Longeteig, Landscape Designer presented

“Native Plants to Attract Birds”


The meeting was less well attended than prior months due to illness, vacations and uncertainty about weather conditions, but that didn’t stop the 31 members and 3 guests from enjoying a wonderful luncheon provided by Head Hostess Susan Lynch and her committee consisting of  Virginia Duffy, Nancy Nelson, Lori Jackson, Mary Brady, Anne McCarthy, Kathleen Brodie, Linda Browne, Anita Fasano, Janet Lynch, Jo Costello, Kathy Meade and Jan Clifford.  A beautiful centerpiece was provided by Lisa Tavakoli, and colorful individual table arrangements by Mary Cassidy.


Our speaker, Karen Longeteig, spoke on how native plants work with the living members of the environment in ways that exotic plants do not.  The attached chart shows some of the best plants for attracting birds and other pollinators


Karen Longeteig grew up in Idaho on a ranch and then lived in Asia and Europe for 20 years, where she learned to appreciate the different landscapes.  When she returned to the US in 1994, her interests led her to the design program at the Landscape Institute at Radcliffe.  In a few years, she hung out her shingle as “Growing Native Gardens”.


Besides designing residential gardens for the past 15 years, she has held many positions with the town of Lexington.  Having moved recently to Providence, RI, she is looking forward to gardening in a tiny garden in a warmer climate zone.  






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