January 2019 - Rebecca Warner "Welcoming Native Plants and Insects to Your Garden"

Rebecca Warner, a home gardener in Newton, Massachusetts with thirty years’ experience working toward a sustainable garden presented  "Welcoming Native Plants and Insects to Your Garden."  When she’s not gardening, she’s a geriatric psychiatrist. In the last five years she has overhauled her garden practices, from composting to mulching, lawn care to irrigation.


Rebecca described how to choose beautiful plants to attract beneficial insects and pollinators.  She explained how to strike the right balance of insects in your garden and the truth about native plants, the good citizens and the thugs.  


Rebecca's book The Sustainable-Enough Garden is available on her web site below.


Thank you to our head hostess, Jackie Ryan and her assistants for the wonderful buffet table full of treats, and to Anne McCarthy for the buffet table floral arrangement.


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