Landscape Design School 2018

Landscape Design School (Course 1) sponsored by the GCFM was held this year on October 25 & 26 in Lexington. Four WGC members participated. Gail Spring took the exam and became a Landscaoe Design Consultant; Cynthia Lewis became a Master Landscape Design Consultant; and Pat Artis and Anita Fasano have one more year to go until they become Master Landscape Design Consultants.
The mission of LDS is to educate garden club members and the public to recognize good landscape design practices and to serve as guardians and critics of the natural and man-made landscape. Course 1 focused on: basics of a site plan; color in the landscape; space, design and people; principles and elements of landscape design; developing your home grounds; design for the environment; landscape design resources; development of landscape design; and public landscapes. 
Active garden club members who successfully complete each course are awarded a club sponsored scholarship for attending any of the GCFM Schools.
Pictured:  Cynthia Lews, Anita Fasano, Pat Artis, and Gail Spring