November 2018 - Lisa Ahern presents "Holiday Inspiration"


Lisa Ahern presented "Holiday Inspirations."  Lisa, a florist who specializes in home decor and floral design, is the main buyer at Cedar Grove Gardens in Dorchester.  Lisa presented 4 unique holiday designs for the home.  


Lisa provided a list of her must haves tools for floral design:



Oasis Waterproof Tape

Wire - spool and stick

Quick Wire (flocked)

Floral Tape

Water Pics

Sharp Scissors

Sharp Knife

Flower Snips

Prong Sheers

Wire Cutter

Corsage and Bout Pins

Bamboo Skewers


Thank you to our head hostess, Nancy Kelly and her assisants for the wonderful desserts and to Suzanne West for the buffet table arrangement.  Also a big thanks to everyone who contributed to the local food drive.



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