The Wollaston Garden Club (Elaine McG) took cuttings when we were on the Winfield property a few weeks ago: some for propagation purposes and one cutting that was sent by FEDEX to the UMASS Extension Diagnostic Testing Lab (the purpose being to determine whether or not the Winfield Elm was diseased).


The results are linked below...the tree is healthy...just needs proper pruning,and irrigation during dry summer months etc...


There appears to be no arborist report on file in the Mayor's Office - we've asked (Tacky Chan's Office has asked for it as well) and all they can give up is a report from the landscape architect. In other words the public and community were told the tree was in decline and diseased with no real certified evidence to back it up.


Please pass this information along to your friends and family. We have a petition "to save the Winfield Elm - it will be on our web site.

Download Heritage Elm UMass Lab Report PDF
Adobe Acrobat document [99.5 KB]