Garden Therapy at Wollaston Garden Club

Wanted: Bud Vases for Activities Program at John Scott House, Braintree, MA . Activities program director sells flowers (carnations) to support special patient programs to those visiting families during holidays but needs a collection of bud vases to present the flowers. Bud vases will be on loan to patient and collected to use again. Volunteers to work with GT chair Pat Artis in the spring to create mini-bouquets (in water/mini-vases) with clients during an activity period. See Pat Artis for details or to help.   (2/21/2013)


What is Garden Therapy?

Based on the understanding that flowers, floral design, planting seeds, bulbs, or plants, and working in a garden have positive effects on all of us - garden therapy brings the natural world to a group of people that would benefit greatly from it, and do not have easy access to gardening or the natural world. Garden therapy projects might target handicapped or institutionalized persons, as well as long-term patients/clients in a hospital, nursing home or residential home.


WGC's Garden Therapy History:

Throughout Wollaston Garden Club's long history there had been many horticulture/design projects and activities that targeted groups in need. In the past members of the garden club's garden therapy committee visited veterans' hospitals and nursing homes with a horticulture planting project and/or bouquets and floral arrangements.


In the past few years the Garden Therapy Committee has been re-instated and a committee chair named. Club members who have a contact with an adult day care, nursing home, group home, veterans' facility, or hospital, and who want to do a program with a specific facility should contact the WGC Garden Therapy Chair and discuss the over-all goal and cost of their project.


Recent Projects:

*Greens have been collected and saved from the Greens Sale Wreath Workshop and Maureen McC has made up mini arrangements, using the miniature glass bottles (in the floral arrangers' shelf of the storage closet) and pieces of greens and ribbon, to create mini holiday arrangements for patients in ICU at Mass General Hospital. (2009 - 2011) 


* Amaryllis bulbs have been planted during the winter with residents of the adult group home on Winthrop Ave, Wollaston by Jane McG. (2010 & 2011)


* Three amaryllis bulbs, planters, and detailed planting instructions, were given to the activities coordinator at Abigail Adams Adult Day Center, in Weymouth, MA, by Pat A and were enjoyed during the winter months by both staff and clients. (2011)


If you have a garden therapy project idea…

Contact Garden Therapy Chair: Pat A and let's make it happen.