Poetry Contest

2013 theme: Protecting and Conserving Our Natural Resources

2014 theme: Good Stewards of our Earth


Now is the time to excite and encourage our Youth to express & explore their creative thoughts through different types of poetry. This term's NGC Poetry Contest entitled above, enables our Youth to embrace their creativity through the art of writing! Be imaginative & join the winners to see your poetry in a printed booklet! The theme for this year is "Protecting and Conserving Our Natural Resources."

Eligibility: Special Education & English as a Second Language: Kindergarten through Ninth Grade. General Education: Kindergarten through Ninth Grade. *Students in special education and ESL are judged separately from general education students - make sure to note that on the entry card. (A lot more of our Quincy students, would have won prizes, if our special needs and ESL students had not entered under the "general" category.)


Contest Rules:

1. All entries must be typed and titled.

2. Include name, address, age, grade, school of participant on the back of entry.

3. Sponsoring garden club and state federation/club name must also be identified.

4. ‘Generations of Gardeners” sponsoring garden club may be that of a Grandparent.

5. All entries become the property of NGC, Inc.

6. Poems do not have to rhyme.

7. Poems may be traditional verse, acrostics, blank verse, cinquains, diamond poems, limerick or Haiku.

Scale of Points: Title – 10; Content – 40; Creativity – 30; Style – 20



 Local Quincy Entries by November 22, 2013 to Wollaston Garden Club Youth Poetry Chair: Pat Artis, PO Box 147, Wollaston MA 02170. (All entries will receive a certificate of participation). For more information e-mail Pat at bijou357@aol.com or call at 617-328-5520.

State Winning Entries to Regional Junior Chairman - February 14

Regional Winners to National Chairman - March 14
Aggie Goss, phone: 440-526-6313


Note: Only Regional winners are considered in the judging for National winners. Contest winners will not be allowed to win in two consecutive years. All of the winning entries will be compiled into a booklet, which will be made available to the winners!