Students Composting - 2019

During this school year, students at the Montessori school on Wollaston Hill in Quincy have been learning about composting. To help the students learn through practical application, longtime Wollaston Garden Club member Kay Borek, an active composter, invited the students to visit her composting bin once a week.  The children save their lunch scraps, fruits, and vegetables, proudly delivering their compostable materials to Kay’s compost bin every Friday at noon. 


It's quite remarkable to see the 3-5 year olds, walking in pairs down the sidewalk, led by their teacher, Oonagh Connolly, delivering their compostable materials. Even more impressive is how much the children have learned and understand the value of composting and how their small contribution helps the environment.


Bravo to Kay and Oonagh for this initiative.