Invasive Species Control - This project remains important for our community and the WGC is taking action.  Two particular invasive plants, Garlic Mustard and Black Swallow Wort are currently uncontrollable in our area.  When plant growth timing can be determined, "Garlic Mustard Pulls" and (Black Swallow Wort) "Pod Patrols" are scheduled with the assistance of the Civic Beautification Co-Chairs.  To date, volunteers have worked to help eradicate these dreadful plants in specific areas in the city, but because much more work needs to be done this project is ongoing.




Children’s Peace Garden and Atrium Garden at the Thomas Crane Public Library Main Branch, Quincy - Design, plant and maintain gardens. The gardens at the main branch of the Thomas Crane Public Library have an abundance of fragrant lavender that is in full bloom mid-July.  Civic Beautification members assisted with harvesting the beautiful lavender which is dried and put into homemade sachets. These are available for purchase at the December Greens Sale. There is also a short instructional video on our website that demonstrates how to harvest lavender.


Food Waste Diversion Pilot Program at Qunicy High School. The goal of the pilot is to divert food waste so that it does't go into the trash and to teach students proper waste disposal. Click Here for more information.


Corner of Beale/Newport and Hillside on Grandview - As we have for many years, members of our Civic Beautification Committee have continued the maintenance and planting of new rock garden plants at these sites, adding new plants at the oldest site currently being maintained by our club. At the Corner, a large amount of Russian Sage, along with the very invasive Black Swallow-wort and Japanese Knotweed were removed and gave the Corner some room to breathe.


Safford Park - Planting at Safford Park continued in the spring of 2021 with the addition of portulaca to augment the perennials, knockout roses, ornamental grasses, spring bulbs and summer annuals.



Wollaston Garden Club Scholarships - For the past four years, the club was able to give $500 scholarships to students from Quincy and North Quincy High Schools, and in 2021, we were able to repeat this. Our 2021 winners were chosen by the Guidance Departments at each school, and this year, one winner will attend UMass Boston for Environmental Studies and one will attend UMass Amherst for Environmental Science.


The Garden Therapy Committee worked with a memory-care facility to create collages entitled "the language of flowers." Senior residents enjoyed using photos of club members' gardens and individual plants as they reminisced about their own former gardens and what flowers mean to them. Committee members aslo helped residents plant a vegetable/herb garden which they have cared for this summer. The residents enjoyed the visits and committee members look forward to organizing similar activities for the coming year.

Community Project Updates:

April 30, 2023

Club member Pattie Lauretto recently designed a beautiful floral display for the Wollaston Branch Library's April 26th event "Petals & Pages: 1940-1959."  WGC's community outreach effort helped attract patrons to the library for a discussion about books from the 1940s and 1950s, a time period full of war and uncertainty. Pattie's arrangement was given away to one lucky attendee.  The event was part one in a series of three book discussions to celebrate 100 years of Wollaston Library.  Floral arrangements, which will be created by other club members, will be donated for the two remaining book discussions to be held in August and November.