2022 - 2023 Programs

All programs take place on Thursdays in person 

at the Wollaston Congregational Church Social Hall. Unless otherwise noted, all programs are open to the public.


February 16th - 6:45PM

Lisa Oberholzer-Gee presents "Let's go to Japan! 
Floral Design from Tokyo's Mami Floral School"

Zoom / Members Only


March 16th - 11:45AM

Christie Dustman presents "Objects in the Garden"

April 20th - 6:45PM

Sally Muspratt presents " Transforming Personal Space: From Backyard to Garden" 

Tri-Club Meeting

Members Only


May 18th - 11:45AM

John Root presents " Attracting Birds, Butterflies, Bees and Other Beneficials"


Saturday, May 20th - 9:30-12:00PM

Annual Spring Plant Sale

(held in the Wollaston Congregtional Church Driveway)