2023 - 2024 Programs

All programs take place on Thursdays in person* at the Wollaston Congregational Church Social Hall. Unless otherwise noted, all programs are open to the public.


*January and February are zoom programs.


September 21st - 6:45PM

Betsy Szymczak presents 'Gardening with Dahlias'


October 19th – 11:45AM

Kathy Leva presents ‘Fun with Flowers’


November 16th – 6:45PM

Richard O’Mara presents ‘Winter Holiday Designs: Make it Once, Use It Twice’


December 21 – 11:45AM

Holiday Luncheon and Yankee Plant Swap led by Carol Fischer

Members Only


January 18th – 6:45PM

Deborah Chud presents ‘New Perennials: A Love Story’


Members Only


February 15th – 6:45PM

Nancy Riggs presents ‘The Trees Around Us’


Members Only


March 21st – 11:45AM

Rebecca Warner presents ‘'Easy First Steps to an Earth-Friendly Garden'


April 11th – 6:45PM

Heather Charles-Lis presents ‘Quincy Environmental Updates’

Tri-Club Meeting

Members Only


May 16th – 11:45AM

New Officer Installation Luncheon

followed by Kerry Ann Mendez presents
‘Clever Design Tips for Everblooming, 
Low-Maintenance Gardens'

Members Only