Letter from Norfolk County Sheriff Michael Bellotti


We recently received this complimentary letter from Michael Bellotti’s office.  Although it was addressed to me as president, it’s clear that it was meant for Jo Costello and the members and supporters of the Civic Beautification Committee.  As a group, you do so much to beautify our city, to include the planters, the Hillside and corner of Newport and Beale, the Atrium and Children’s Garden at the Thomas Crane Library, Quincy Historical Society, and the many individual efforts at the various schools around the city.  There’s no telling which of these sites has caught the eye of Sherriff Bellotti and his staff members, but it’s a real tribute to you all that he has taken the time to recognize your efforts.  Thank you to everyone.

                                                                      Jan Clifford, President of Wollaston Garden Club