Quincy Recycles

The City of Quincys' mission of the Waste and Recycling Division is to manage the collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, household hazardous waste, recyclables, and yardwaste in a manner that is environmentally sound, cost-effective, and safe.


The top 5 contaminants found in a recent audit of Quincy recycling are:

  • Plastic bags — Not recyclable.
  • Food waste — Rinse all containers.
  • Ropes, hoses, chains and cable — Not recyclable.
  • Household hazardous materials — Hold for Haz Mat days June 9 and September 29.
  • Needles — Call Clean Harbors Sharps Management program (855) 633-9783


Click here for  Recycling Guidelines

City of Quincy Recycle 

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