Our garden club library is overseen by Chair, Kay Borek and located in an antique book case in the storage closet at the Wollaston Congregational Church social hall. Kay displays various books for “take-out” at most of our club meetings. Members are encouraged to use our library and return books in a timely manner; there is a card system to sign whenever you take out and return a book. Many of the newest books are those texts used in the garden club schools. Members often donate gardening magazines for swap.


This year again we will be purchasing "favorite books" recommended by each of our monthly speakers.


Here is the latest list of books in our library:

WGC Library List 2023
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Newest WGC Library Books


In Horticulture...


“New England Gardener’s Guide,” by Jacqueline Heriteau and Holly Hunter Stonehill, Copyright 2003, Franklin, Tennessee.

This reference guide will guide you through the selection, planting, maintenance, and best uses of the most beautiful, most trouble-free annuals, bulbs, herbs, perennials, grasses, ground covers, shrubs, trees, vines, and water plants.


"The Book of Little Hostas, 200 Small, Very Small, and Mini Varieties" by Kathy Guest Shadrack and Michael Shadrack; Timber Press: Portland - London. Copyright 2010

Beautifully illustrated and highly informative this handpicked selection of diminutive hostas will inspire hobbyists and gardeners alike and provide inspiration for new planting schemes.


"Hardy Succulents--Tough Plants for Every Climate" by Gwen Moore Kelaidis; Storey Publishing: North Adams, Ma. Copyright 2008

From agaves to ice plants, sedums to sempervivums, hardy succulents bring beauty, versatility and intrigue to gardens in every hardiness zone. They are also hardworking, tenacious and forgiving for the forgetful gardener.  This book contains thoughtful selection advice, growing instructions and practical care tips and useful design ideas, establishing the low-fuss succulent beyond the traditional desert setting, and is filled with stunning photography.


“Crazy About Cacti and Succulents” by Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Copyright 2006, Brooklyn, New York

In this delightful guide you’ll learn about stapeliads, ceropegias, and other jewels of the botanical world from people whose passion for these fascinating plants has led them to the art of bonsai, to competitive exhibition and to growing them outdoors in frigid climates and on roofs.


"The New Terrarium" by Tovah Martin: Clarkson Potter Publishers, New York, New York, Copyright 2009

Tovah Martin introduces you to the whimsical yet practical world of gardens under glass - a  no-fuss way to bring snippets of nature indoors.


"Hosta Finder" by Steven H. Greene, Printed by Call-A-Copy, Inc. Copyright 2012

A reference to retail prices and locations of hosta plants.


“Conifers for Gardens: An Illustrated Encyclopedia by Richard L. Bitner: Timber Press, Inc. Portland, Oregon, Copyright 2007

“Conifers for Gardens” is intended to take away the element of uncertainty when you’re choosing a plant that may alter your yard for years to come. This meticulously researched reference provides information—including size, appearance, hardiness, preferred growing conditions and susceptibility to pests and diseases—for almost every hardy conifer you’re likely to encounter.


 "The Pruner's Bible, A Step-By-Step Guide To Pruning Every Plant In Your Garden" by Steve Bradley: Rodale: Emmaus, PA. Copyright 2005.

Learn how to prune more than 70 of the most popular plants to get the best display of flowers, foliage, colorful stems, and fruit. This plant-by-plant guide features instructions so simple  that even beginner gardeners will feel confident about making the right cuts the very first time they prune.


"Cacti and Succulents" by Hans Hecht; Sterling Publishing Co., Inc: New York. Copyright 1994.
This opulent and colorful guidebook, written from the author's personal experience, leads the beginner into the fascinating world of succulents and provides the experienced plant lover with new stimuli.  Over 300 plants are shown, and described, with advice on selecting specimens to buy and help in planning eye-catching arrangements.  Recommended by Art Scarpa, the book is no longer in print, but we were able to find one on line. 


"The Handbook of Cacti and Succulents" by Clive Innes; Chartwell Books, Inc.: London. Copyright 1988.

This handbook is a comprehensive guide to all of the families and most interesting genera, and to their care and cultivation in the home, the greenhouse and outdoors. With more than 300 full-colour pictures, it is an invaluable guide for the succulent plant enthusiast. Recommended and donated by Art Scarpa.


"Cactus and Succulents" by the Editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine; Sunset Publishing Company: Menlo Park, CA. Copyright 1994.

It is difficult if not impossible to think of any other group of plants that compares in versatility to cacti and succulents. This book is a classic for identification, tips for easy care, and and ideas for growing and propagation. Recommended and donated by Art Scarpa.


"Making More Plants; The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation" by Ken Druse; Clarkson Potter/Publishers: New York. Copyright 2000.

Ken Druse, one of America's foremost gardening authorities and an award-winning photographer, walks us through the steps of plant propagation, covering seed sowing, perennial division, cuttings, and more, and provides inspiring tips and beautiful photographs of the science, art, and joy of making more plants.


In Floral Design...


"The Flower Workshop" by Vera Jeffrey: Hearst Books, New York, New York, Copyright 1980

This book will teach you how to make exquisite flowers and plants out of silk, organza, velvet, paper and wax; works of art that you will be proud to wear and that your friends and family will treasure as gifts.


“Garden to Vase “ by Linda Beutler: Timber Press, Inc. Portland, Oregon, Copyright 2007

In this book Linda Beutler explores the essence of floral design: making creative use of plants your’re already growing: techniques for harvesting and preparing cut flower; bouquet basics; and creating arrangements for special occasions. A directory of over 200 plants includes the plant’s botanical and common names, its habitat, hardiness, height, fragrance, and appearance, when it can be harvested, how to grow, how it should be conditioned and insider tips about what to look for if you’re purchasing cut stems rather than growing the plant yourself.


"Rene's Bouquets - A Guide to Euro-Style Hand-Tied Bouquets" by Rene van Rems, Doosan Printing: South Korea, Copyright 2007.

This book is a must-have resource for techniques, ideas and inspiration. Page after page of gorgeous photos by Dutch designer, Rene van Rems who reveals the secrets of Euro-florists who use the traditional hand-tying method to create sophisticated, breath taking bouquets. recomended by our October 2011 speaker/designer Priscilla Styer.


"Leaf Manipulation; A Beginner's Guide to Working with Leaves in a Contemporary Way" by Gail Emmons, Riji. Copyright 2010 by Gail Emmons, Orinda, California.

Gail Emmons is a member of the Orinda Garden Club and Staging Chair for WAFA Flower Show in Boston in 2011. She is Riji certified which is the highest rank in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. Her trademark in flower arranging has been the development of a dynamic sculptural style that mixes the traditions of both East and West in new and daring ways. In this book she shares many ideas and techniques for designing with leaves.


In Landscape Design...


“The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes” by Rick Darke, Copyright 2007, Timber Press, Inc.,

Grasses and grasslike plants are today being used boldly and freely in landscapes and this book addresses both the aesthetic qualities of grasses in private gardens and the opportunities and challenges of using them in shared public landscapes both wild and constructed. Recommended by Adrianna O’Sullivan.


"Designing with Succulents" by Debra Lee Baldwin; Timber Press, Portland /London: Copyright 2007

Succulent plants offer dazzling possibilities for garden design.  They come in dramatic, sculptured shapes, intriguing textures and sizzling colors. Requiring only minimal maintenance, they can remain lush and alluring year round.  This complete design compendium is as practical as it is inspirational, and features the work of more than 50 professional garden designers and creative homeowners. 


"Landscape Rejuvenation - Remodeling the Home Landscape" by Bonnie Lee Appleton, Ph.D A  A Garden Way Publishing Book - Storey Communications, Inc., Pownal, Vermont, Copyright 1988.                                                                                                                                           

Because landscapes are not static but dynamic, periodic evaluation is required.  For those in need of renovation, the author tells us in a very systematic way how to undertake a landscape renovation. Recommended in January 2012 by our speaker, landscape designer and teacher, Laura Eisener.


“Designing with Conifers “ by Richard L. Bitner: Timber Press, Inc., Portland, Oregon, Copyright 2011

Whatever landscape situation or challenge you may face, there’s an appropriate conifer for that site. Designing with Conifers will show you how to make the most of this beautiful, useful, and versatile group of plants.


“Gardening With Conifers" by Adrian Bloom and Richard Bloom: Firefly Books Ltd. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Copyright 2002

In this inspiring book, Adrian Bloom shares his expert knowledge of these often under-rated plants. He shows how they can be used to enhance gardens of any size, and emphasizes their role in providing interest in all seasons.