Both national and state garden club organizations advise clubs to set up “mentoring” programs for new members entering the garden club. Data suggests that clubs lose new members regularly because the new member fails to make a personal connection – something that having a “mentor” would solve. The guidelines below are based on those currently being used by Milford’s Greenleaf Garden Club and adapted for life here at Wollaston Garden Club.

The program begins with a welcome letter and packet (including yearbook/directory and WGC By-Laws) sent by our Corresponding Secretary that introduces the peer mentor, a veteran club member. Feel free to begin contact immediately.



  • Call or email the new member to introduce yourself, welcome her/him to the club and tell her/him you will meet at the next meeting.
  • At the next meeting(s), introduce her/him to other club members and explain the Club’s mission, civic projects, fundraisers and program schedule.
  • Introduce her/him to the chairpersons of the committees she has signed up for.
  • Explain the role that the Club’s yearbook/directory, website, and the Mayflower magazine play in keeping members informed.
  • Answer any questions.
  • Repeat the above process for the next several meetings or until the new member appears comfortable with the club and its operation.
  • At the end of the year, conduct an informal new member survey; i.e. ask how she/he enjoyed her year in the club; what did she/he particularly enjoy; did she/he find the peer mentor program helpful, if so in what way; does she have any suggestions for improving the program; and last but not least, encourage her/him to rejoin.


Any ideas or suggestions you have for improving this program, please speak to our Membership Chair, Linda DellaCroce.


1/13/2010 (Approval by the Board)