Member Education

Wollaston Garden Club offers may different types of education, inlcuding workshops, field trips, handouts and scholarships to classes.



GCFM Workshops, Lectures, & Schools, & Master Gardener Training Courses

(Available To All Wollaston Garden Club Members)


The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts (GCFM) offers wonderful lectures and workshops in horticulture and floral design at the Espousal Retreat Center in Waltham. Details can be found in the Mayflower or on-line at our club web site and under the GCFM link. They come in series of threes and vary in cost. All workshop/lecture dates are also listed in our yearbook calendar.


The GCFM also offers a variety of more extensive courses based on the curriculums developed nationally by the National Garden Clubs, Inc. There are four schools sponsored each year in Massachusetts. Environmental Studies School covers all aspects of environmental issues. Flower Show School is a complete program for growing, showing and judging horticulture and design. Gardening Study School presents basic garden information by specialists in the field. Landscape Design School is a comprehensive overview of landscape design and its history.


The Massachusetts Master Gardener Association is comprised of amateur and professional horticulturalists with a mission to promote horticultural knowledge to the public through volunteerism. MMGA Master Gardeners become trained and certified through an intensive training program.  The Master Gardener Training course (MGT) consists of fourteen classroom and lab modules, including soil science, botany, entomology, plant pathology, pruning and propagation. Courses are conducted by both academic and industry professionals. Starting in 2017 the MGT course will be offered  at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society Education Building, at Elm Bank, in Wellesley, MA and at the Worcester Horticultural Society‘s Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA. Students can choose the location that better suits their needs when registering.


Click Here for full details about partial tuition reimbursement (scholarships) for qualified club members.