Forcing Branches For Winter Interest


In the dead of winter nothing makes spring feel closer than “forcing branches”. Today at the Boston Flower Exchange huge branches of forced forsythia were being sold for $14.95 a branch (also being forced and for sale were pussy willow, magnolia and quince). It’s a pretty simple technique and a great way to prune for a better shaped shrub. Every gardener needs to learn how to do this – you all have access to shrubs or small trees that would force well. There are many links explaining ‘how to do it” on the web. Check some of these links out below. Be the “forcer”.

                                                                                       Pat Artis, WGC President

                                                                                         January 17, 2012 general advice more details six steps with a video   great advice with pics from an experienced gardener “forcing” for the first time top choices for cutting with time table great photos of different varieties   local New England advice and favorites with guidelines forcing advice for apartment dwellers nice inventory of best shrubs for forcing and a time table