Purpose: To increase the amount of knowledge and expertise of our active members by funding partial scholarships to NGC, Inc Schools (Landscape Design, Flower Show School, Environmental Studies and Garden Study) and the Master Gardeners Program of the MA Horticulture Society with an expectation that scholarship members will give back to the garden club with their newly-acquired expertise in both future program and club project work. This Policy was adopted by the WGC Board in June of 2009 and budgeted by the WGC Executive Committee in August of 2009.


Requirements: Scholarship candidates must be solid, active members of a number of years, which includes participation and work on club committees and projects. An interested member should fill out the application below, and submit it to the current Horticulture Chair for approval. Members should pay their tuition and submit a receipt for the course along with a WGC Expense Voucher to the WGC President for payment approval. A check for half the amount will be mailed to the member by the club Treasurer upon successful completion of the course.


Member’s Name ___________________________________________


Tel #_________________________  E-Mail_________________

Years in the Club______


Date of Course ________________Cost of Tuition _______


Description of Past Board/Committee Work:





How do you expect that this scholarship will allow you to help our garden club in the future?





Date Submitted_____________ Date Approved ______________

Printable WGC Member Scholarship Application Form
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