by Joyce Descioux


"Fine gardeners join plant societies." So I was told by a well known horticultural writer many years ago when I and other neophyte gardeners toured her magnificent garden. We visitors had lots of questions, but we were frequently baffled by our hostess's answers and by the technical terms that she used. Sensing confusion in some of us, she said gently , "If you really want to grow lilies like these" - she indicated flowering stalks laden with fragrent white trumpets - "then perhaps you should join the Lily Society. It can offer you a great deal of help - much more than I can. I think every gardener should belong to at least one plant society. They're so helpful, so educational, so interesting - and so much fun!"


She couldn't have summed it up better. Society membership fees are modest, and the rewards are immeasurable. I've been joining plant societies for the pasy 30-some years now, and I credit these groups with helping me develop from a novice into a "fine" gardner...


Reprinted from Taunton's Fine Gardening, March/April 1992 NO. 24