Horticulture at Wollaston Garden Club

The study of horticulture is important at Wollaston Garden Club. As part of our mission statement we are committed to “promote and encourage the love of gardening, the study of horticulture, and the development of floral and landscape design skills.” To this end the club runs many different kinds of programs from exhibits, demonstrations, workshops and garden tours – all with the aim of supporting and developing the horticulture/gardening skills of its members.


Horticulture activities and programs are organized by our Horticulture Chair. In 2023, Past President Ann Foresman took over the position as Horticulture Chair.  Ann is a Landscape Design Consultant, and co-leader of our Gardening Angels program.


Horticulture Activities


Club Program: The Horticulture chair recommends horticulture topics, speakers, field trips, and programs to the Program chair and committee in May.


Club Scholarship Program to NGC Schools: The Horticulture chair oversees the WGC Members’ Scholarship program to NGC Schools (Landscape Design, Garden Study, Environmental Study and Flower Show Judges).


Club Horticulture Exhibits: At club meeting members display plants, foliage, blooms, branches, using their own clear glass containers and assigning correct scientific names for each entry


Club Horticulture Demonstrations: At club meetings, the Horticulture chair demonstrates techniques on plant propagation and care.


Yankee Plant Swap: At the December club meeting, members donate or purchase a plant for swap. Master Gardener, Carol Fischer conducts the swap.


Participation in the Boston Flower and Garden Show: Horticulture chair encourages and supports members wishing to enter the Amateur Horticulture Competition.


Plant Sale: The annual Plant Sale in May has become a valuable horticulture experience for club members in plant propagation (especially by division), identification, and care.


Garden Tour: In June, the Horticulture chair organizes an evening garden tour and progressive dinner for club members.


Summer Garden Strolls: In both July and August, the Horticulture chair organizes a garden stroll for members and friends from noon to dusk.


Horticulture Workshops: Horticulture Chair organizes and/or conducts workshops in plant propagation, plant care (pruning) or creating various kinds of plant containers (troughs, terrariums, outdoor bonsai container).