WGC Member Scholarship Policy & Requirements


The Wollaston Garden Club will offer scholarships to its members in order to promote the development of expertise within the club and to encourage ongoing learning, 


There will be multiple scholarships offered:


Master Gardeners Course offered by the MA Horticultural Society—cost of program is $500.  WGC will offer one scholarship annually for half the cost of tuition, or $250.


Garden Club School Courses (Flower Show School, Landscape Design, Environmental Studies, and Garden Study) are offered by GCFM each year. WGC will offer 1 - 4 scholarships for each school, depending on amount budgeted for member scholarships each year. Garden Club School course tuition is $110 for each session, and WGC will therefore pay half, or $55 per person per session. 


In 2009-2010, only three of these courses will be available, and we will therefore budget $660 rather than $880 this year. One Master Gardener scholarship will be offered. The total budget--$250 plus $660 = $910.  In the future the budget should be for $1000 in the event of slight annual increases for the courses. If it is not prudent to budget the scholarship fully, then fewer scholarships should be offered for each school.


Requirements for a member to be granted a scholarship:

1) Must have been a WGC member for 3 years or more.

2) Must have served on at least 2 committees each of those years and have made a significant contribution to the club, such as chairing a committee or event, offering home for house tour, etc.

3) Must have attended the majority of meetings during that time period.

4) Must complete the course by attending all course meetings and taking and passing the final exam.

5) Must be willing to share new expertise with the club, through participation in various club activities, projects, & events.

6) Scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis (determined by date of application submission) to applicants who meet the above criteria; however it is also the intent of the scholarship program to spread scholarship opportunities to as many qualified members as possible.


June 30, 2009 (Ad Hoc Scholarship Committee: Pat Artis, Jan Clifford, & Susan Sweetser)