Active Members are expected to volunteer for at least two committees. These activities provide the best opportunities for all members to contribute, and for getting to know the other members better. Call Committee chairs for more details, or any officer if no committee chair is currently listed.



A Identifies and catalogs club historical information; determines the club projects or activities that may qualify for an award; collects the necessary documentation and prepares the award for submission; tracks all submitted award applications.

Civic Beautification  

CB Designs, plants and maintains gardens and planters in selected public areas of Quincy for the benefit of the community.  Members volunteer a few hours during the growing season to help with planting, weeding, pruning, watering, etc.  


C Aims to protect and conserve Quincy area’s natural resources; participates in state and national garden club’s conservation efforts; organizes WGC’s conservation efforts; works on environmental concerns with other conservation groups.

Floral Arrangements 

FA Designs buffet table centerpiece for club meetings and provides small arrangements for daytime meeting tables; works with Special Events Committee to ensure floral arrangements compliment special event themes; creates indoor table arrangements for annual Greens Sale.
Garden Therapy   GT Provides gardening/horticulture-related activities to targeted senior residents of Quincy. GT activities include helping participants make small holiday-themed flower arrangements and wreaths, decorating terra cotta pots and planting flowers in the pots, etc.
Greens Sale   GS

Takes part in collection, organization and assembling greens; assists with pre-sale workshop setup; creates wreaths and arrangements for sale day; on sale day may

perform duties such as cashier, floor help, hospitality help and cleanup.

Horticulture   HC Helps identify sites and helps coordinate annual Members’ Garden Tour and Garden Strolls; helps identify and coordinate projects of interest to members, such as workshops, garlic mustard pull and black swallow wort pull; helps check GCFM and Master Gardener websites for workshops and courses of interest to members.
Hospitality  H Hosts an assigned club meeting, recruits members to help provide refreshments, kitchen clean up assistance; organizes hospitality for other club events (GS, PS, Garden Tour). It is expected that all able members of the club will participate in hospitality event at least once a year. 
Membership & Remembrance  M Maintains calling tree to keep members without email informed of club activities; sends cards or notes to ill or grieving members; helps staff monthly club meeting membership/registration table, dispenses name badges, maintains guest book.
Plant Sale  PS Attends planning meetings; helps determine types of plants and other revenue sources to sell; works on dividing, potting and transporting plants to sale site; helps organize and set up for sale day; provides sales help and/or plant expertise during day of sale; may act as cashier, provide customer assistance, help with cleanup post sale.
Press & Publicity  P&P Determines publicity needs and possible sources of advertising; creates general awareness of WGC and its public service efforts; writes press releases for upcoming club events, writes articles for WGC website, etc.
Program  P Participates in program selection meetings to choose speakers and events for upcoming club year; attends annual, zoom GCFM program speakers workshop to preview and help select speakers;  searches the web for information and videos on speakers being considered; acts as primary contact for a speaker.
Youth  Y Works with local schools and youth groups providing experience and education in garden study, environment, and conservation; organizes WGC’s participation in state and national garden club youth contests: art, poetry, and essay.

Updated: 03/2024