Active Members are expected to volunteer for at least two committees. These activities provide the best opportunities for all members to contribute, and for getting to know the other members better.  Call Committee chairs for more details, or any officer if no committee chair is currently listed.


A = Archives/Awards - Works on archives subcommittee; and/or awards projects to identify club projects or activities which might qualify us for an award, and collects the necessary documentation and forms to submit.  Tracks all applications submitted for awards.

CB = Civic Beautification – Plans, plants and maintains gardens and planters in selected public areas for the community’s benefit.  Identifies businesses that might qualify for a CB award and participates in the selection and awarding.  

C = Conservation - Keeps club up to date on and organizes local/club conservation efforts, works on conservation projects & environmental concerns with other conservation groups.

FA = Floral Arrangements – Provides a centerpiece for hospitality table at a club monthly meeting and/or assists with smaller arrangements for tables at daytime luncheons.

GS = Greens Sale - Assists in creating wreaths and arrangements, provides greens, works on putting together materials to sell or in support of the sale, by working on days leading up to sale and/or on sale date in December as cashiers, floor help, hospitality help, and provides refreshments for workers, potentially acting as chair of a subcommittee.

H = Hospitality – Serves as the host/hostess at a club monthly meeting with the help of other recruited members to provide the appropriate refreshments for the specific meeting and  to provide kitchen clean up assistance.

M = Membership - Serves by invitation on calling tree to keep members without email informed of club activities, sits at membership desk to distribute/collect name badges of members, collects donations from public, maintains guest book, and works on Mentoring program for new members.

P = Program - Meets in April to determine speakers/programs for upcoming club year,  and then comes early to meetings to assist with room set up - chairs, tables - depending on speaker needs and expected attendance.

P&P = Press & Publicity - Writes press releases for upcoming club events &/or participates in publicity work for event, determines publicity needs and possible sources of advertising and creates general awareness of club and its public service efforts.

PS = Plant Sale - Attends a meeting in spring to determine sub-committee structure, sources of and types of plants to be sold, other revenue sources for sale.  Works on dividing and transporting plants to church site, provides sales help and/or plant expertise, and provides refreshments for workers.

Y = Youth – Works with local schools to provide garden study/environmental and conservation education and experiences.


2/11/2010 (Approved by the WGC Board)