$30: Active member

$38: Active member with “Mayflower” (by June 15) - See Should I subscribe to the "Mayflower"?

$8: Life Member (Past President wishing Mayflower)


Existing members renew and pay dues annually in the spring, at the March, April or May meetings.  Deadline for renewal payment of dues is May 31 each year.  The Assistant Treasurer will provide each member with a renewal application with complete information based on the prior year.  Members are asked to review this information, provide any updates or changes, including committees on which they wish to serve, and return the application with their check, payable to the Wollaston Garden Club,  to the Assistant Treasurer at the address provided in the application.


Prospective new members have an open enrollment period in the fall between September 1 and November 30 in which to join the club.  The WGC Board must approve all applications and will notify the new member by means of a welcome letter once this is completed.  Prospective new members missing the November 30 deadline should attend meetings as a guest, paying a donation fee, and should join the club in the spring for the coming year by completing an application and sending it to the Assistant Treasurer during the members’ renewal period.


The “Mayflower” is the official publication of the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts, and is published 4 times a year.  Information can be found by clicking on Should I Subscribe to the Mayflower.  Although there is a fee of $8 annually to receive the publication in booklet form, effective in 2014 the GCFM makes it available via email to all club members who have email:  a copy is sent to the club president who forwards the information to all club members.  You may still choose to receive the booklet in hard copy by paying the fee and indicating on the application that you wish to do so.