Question: Should you subscribe to the “Mayflower”? 

  1. Official publication of the Garden Club Federation of MA.
  2. Published 4 times a year ($8 for individual; $6 for 100% club subscriptions).
  3. Provides information on national and state meetings, grants and programs.
  4. Provides information to garden club boards on timely topics: liability insurance, secretary’s minutes etc.
  5. Provides information on indigenous plants, trees, birds and butterflies of MA.
  6. Expands what local garden clubs can offer to members.
  7. Gives details, provides entry forms for all MA Flower Shows
  8. Offer opportunities for intensive study and certificates (landscape design, garden study, study, environmental studies, floral design, flower show etc - $115.)
  9. Gives details/ information about special work shops/ lectures/demonstrations on design principles of flower arranging - $25.
  10. Provides opportunities for horticulture workshops with great speakers: dwarf conifers, three seasons in the garden etc.
  11. Provides an up-to-date calendar with details of many MA garden club events, open to the public
  12. Surveys  “happenings” of each MA district and the types of activities their garden clubs are involved in.
  13. Provides ideas for club leaders for potential events, programs, and speakers.
  14. Provides advertisements by garden vendors: Weston Nursery, Jacobson’s etc.
  15. Provides garden club members with a level of information beyond the limits of their own clubs.
  16. Exposes the garden club member to the “possibilities” of garden club.
  17. Prepares garden club members to become leaders in their own club.
  18. Encourages local garden club members to become involved in horticulture at a district or state level.
  19. There is more information in the magazine than on the web site.
  20. Easy to read in one sitting; copies can be recycled back to club for new members.


  1. Not every one in the club finds it interesting
  2. Get too many magazines
  3. Only individuals who want it should pay.
  4. Waste of money.
  5. Not that interested; never read it.
  6. Too busy to read it.
  7. Some of this information is already on the GCFM web site
  8. Many of the workshop & courses are held in Waltham, making a difficult a.m. commute.
  9. Don’t know enough about our club yet to make a decision.













$30: Active member

$38: Active member with “Mayflower” (by June 15)

$8: Life Member (Past President) w/ “Mayflower”


Pay dues at March, April & May meetings. Deadline for payment of dues is May 31, 2015. Fill out membership renewal/application form completely and make check payable to: Wollaston Garden Club


Send Checks/Membership Application to:

Marnie Dunn,

WGC  Assistant Treasurer,

31 Washington Park Road,

Braintree, MA 02184