Floral Arranging Questionnaire

Please print out the Floral Arrainging Questionnaire using the link at the bottom. Mail the completed form to Marcia Smith or Mary Cassidy at their home address. Alternately you can bring it to a monthly membership meeting.

 Floral Arranging Questionnaire


One of the major reasons I joined the Wollaston Garden Club was to gain confidence in flower arranging.  I am a beginner and have attended many floral arranging workshops at WGC including several workshops given at Manet Community Center as well as Ikebana classes.  These workshops have all improved my skills. However, I still find myself doing the same arrangements for my Thanksgiving table!  I recently attended a workshop given by the Garden Club Federation of MA. I really noticed a difference.  We all had the same flowers and container and the instructor went step by step telling us how to design an arrangement. I learned so much! The simplicity of everyone using the same flowers, container and design really reinforced learning.  I left with more ideas and confidence to try something new for my Thanksgiving table!  In planning our remaining two floral arranging workshops for this year, we'd like your input:


1. Would you be willing to pay $25 for flowers, container and formalized instruction?  ____ yes   _____ no       Would you be willing to pay more?

How much? ________

2. Would you prefer a daytime or evening meeting? ______day ______night


3. What Flower arraranging topics or style might interest you?


4. We are interested in increasing the number of members who volunteer to make flower arrangements for the monthly meetings. We feel this is great practice in improving your arranging skills. What would help to increase your willingness to make an arrangement for one of the meetings?  


Thanks for your input and assistance!


Marcia Smith and Mary Cassidy

Flower Arranging co chairs

Download printable PDF version of the FA Questionnaire
Floral Arranging Questionnaire.pdf
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